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2nd and 3rd Grade – Scientific Model


Awards will be by grade:

  • Best Oral Presentation

  • Best Display

  • Best Effort

  • Most Original Idea

  • Best Overall Model


For more ideas:

Consult  and for some ideas.

Pinterest also has many ideas for projects




The model can be of ANYTHING that your student is interested in the world of Science. Please make sure the project only takes up the space of a standard tri-fold display board 28 x 40 (see above). Students can make a model without a board too, please only use as much space as the board allows, space is limited in the MPR. 

  • Be creative – label the parts of the model

  • Make the project stand out with color and decoration

  • Work should be completed by the student, not parents, judges want students to be excited about their learning

  • Students should prepare a 3-5 min presentation for the judges explaining:

    • How they created their model

    • What problems did they overcome?

    • Where did the idea come from?

    • What did they enjoy? Why?


Electricity is available if needed – please let us know in advance




Project setup


April 22nd 7:30-8:00am & 1:30-4:00pm MPR


Project gallery and awards 


April 23rd 6:00-7:00pm  MPR