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Scientific Method

4th, 5th 6th Grade


  • Best Oral Presentation

  • Best Display

  • Best Effort

  • Most Original Idea

  • Best Overall Use of Scientific Method


Check out and for some ideas


City library will have books on every subject

Pinterest has many experiment ideas 




Websites with great ideas –


Some recommendations for our 4th and 5th Grade Scientists



  • Make sure your project only takes up the space of a tri-fold project board. These can be found in the dollar store or an office store.


  • Students should decorate their own display and be creative. The work should be done by the student, we want them to be excited about their learning.


  • Prepare a 5min presentation for the judges explaining:

    • Where did they get the idea for this experiment? 

    • What do they find interesting about the topic?

    • What was difficult? Why?

    • Did your experiment work as expected? If not, why? The best experiments do not yield the results we expect, this is how we discover new medicine and technologies!


  • The project board should include these Headings – 

    • Title – make it catchy !

    • Question 

    • Hypothesis  - your guess at what YOU think will happen in your experiment

    • Background research – read about your topic and write a paragraph to explain it to the judges

    • Materials

    • Procedure – the steps you too took

    • Results – explain what happened, create a table of results and/or a graph

    • Conclusion

      • Did you answer your Question?

      • Was your Hypothesis correct? 

      • If not, what happened instead? Do you know why that could have happened? 

      • If you did this experiment again, what would you change?